I have been deeply touched by the caring of friends in my life, and how down deep there are so many good people in the world. There is also a lot of heartache, grief, illness and suffering. What does it mean? Where is God and what is His plan for us? Warm days of summer have started here in Charlotte and now I take a walk first thing. But today I felt a call first to share this poem.

 It is a time of heartache, doubt and loneliness
 Of pain and sorrow in the world.
 For me, a time of darkness
 I had sought the light
 And thought even I found it
 Or a path to it.
 Then darkness descended
 I was devastated by my doubts
 Will I ever find the light again?
 I kept on seeking, reading, thinking, feeling
 Scattered images and recollections
             “nestles the seed perfection”
             “only the Good is universal”
             “all things are as they are meant to be”
             “the Lord thy God is One”.
 A hint has come of God’s transforming power
 That uses life, all of life, nothing held back
 Doubt, devotion, love, hate, life, death
 All are cherished
 And all streams flow unto the sea. 

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