I was in Chicago to attend a spiritual conference. Marianne and I had met in Illinois many years before, and now, being back by myself, there were many memories … I arrived the day before the conference began and went for a walk. There was a special energy of connection with Marianne, and words for a poem started to come together in my mind.

 How do I begin, my love?
 Where will I find the words?
 Walking the streets of the city of your birth
 I have shed many tears
 I remember our trips together
 Our happy times, just the two of us
 And here I am alone
 Walking the streets of the city 
 I feel like an exile
 And I yearn for home...
 You spoke of our little life together.
 That touched my heart
 My grand ambitions seem so empty
 Yet they kept their hold on me.
 Am I ready to let them go?
 Can I have discovered the beginning of our new life together?
 Can it really be true
 That we’ve only just begun? 

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