Letting Go

This morning I took my regular walk for the fourth day in a row. It did not start out that way. I had a busy morning ahead and thought I would do a shorter walk, but a quiet voice suggested I start out on the regular walk and go as far as our special tree. When I got there I knew to go on and complete it. The morning was even more eventful than expected, and I could see increased activity ahead, which i knew in my heart was not my soul’s call. I remembered this poem, and I was grateful.

 Letting Go
 “One is happy in proportion to the things one can let alone.”
 Of late my life is built of letting go
 It is a strange feeling
 I do feel lighter
 And at the same time more grounded
 Earth and air are my elements now.
 Letting go of some books
             How happy my friend was!
 Letting go of a pet project
             That was a big one
             I did not know I was going to do it
             But I am glad.
 Letting go of guilt
             Of letting others down
             Of letting time pass without accomplishment.
 Letting go of letting go
             It goes at its own pace
             I can’t let go of everything all at once
             Nor do I even want to.
 I glimpsed the dark shadow of obscurity
             I know I am not ready
             It frightens me.
 But I think that glimpse was a help
             I am not so locked on ambition.
 As my load is lightened
             My heart feels happier.
 Letting go of action is not easy
             We see the small ripples
             But we do not know how they are swallowed up 
                         in the silence of the deeps. 

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