Our Journeys Home

Creating this blog of poems created over a span of 38 years was given an impetus by a re-encounter with this poem. It is a special one for me. It felt like a message from my late wife Marianne. In this post I read the poem, and after the recording there is the poem’s text.

Recorded on May 15, 2021
 Our Journeys Home

 We have both been granted precious gifts
 Yes, both of us
 My great gift was you
 You were there for me
 At my time of greatest need
 You were my steadfast companion
 Through the trials of my life
 You walked with me on my last day
 As I walk with you now.
 As you listen to the birdsongs
 And feel the cool breeze this summer morning
 You are receiving a renewed call
 To our joint purpose
 To share our precious gift
 To honor what God has bestowed to us
 And tell our story of communion
 That we may comfort those in need
 That they may find peace
 On their journey home.

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