The Divine Puzzle

Today I took the walk in my neighborhood that I had taken almost every day with Marianne. It remains a meaningful walk to me now, and I feel a call to resume an interrupted practice of taking this walk every day. On it there is a special tree that has many resonances for me.

It began a couple days after I had received a message from a wise friend. This was during a time that I had been experiencing darkness.

Please don’t let darkness get into your heart. Think of Marianne and she is always surrounded by light! Why should you be in darkness?

Think of the joy you had of having Marianne during this incarnation, and the knowledge you acquired that she will be forever connected with you? I read in a PowerPoint presentation that sometimes our dear ones were just a little ahead of us in the path that we all will follow to the other realm. It is like a long road that everyone will follow, and we are traveling at different speed. So, although we share the road for sometime, some may remain behind until we finally cross and meet on the other side.

My dear Bob, as I said many times, you stayed behind for a reason, and this is by the will of God. So, be patient! Your work is needed to complete the Divine puzzle.

I was taking the customary walk, pondering my friend’s message, and I came across an amazing tree I had not noticed before.

And this poem came to me.

  The Divine Puzzle
 I gaze in fascination at the tree
 Twin trunks separated after a few feet
 Is it one tree or two?
 I never saw it before
 On this walk taken hundreds of times
 Hand in hand with you, my love
 And now by myself alone.
 Are we two or are we one?
 You are so close to me even now
 Are you just a little ahead of me on life’s journey?
 Am I still here for a reason?
 An occasional leaf falls
 As I ponder the pattern of light and shadow
 And wonder about the Divine Puzzle.  

September 16, 2015

2 thoughts on “The Divine Puzzle”

  1. Dear Bob,
    I truly believe that you and Marianne have a Divine connection, a connection that is not disrupted when the soul leaves the physical body, a connection that crosses the boundaries of the material world, a connection of true love. There is a reason for everything. If we are still in this world it is because our learning is incomplete and we still have open commitments in our journey.
    I love the twin trees – their branches are intertwining as in a lovely embrace, committed to remain together for life! It resonates so much with the love between you and Marianne!

  2. Thank you, Sonia! Your wise counsel and friendship have meant so much to me on my journey after Marianne’s passing. Today was the ninth anniversary, and finding your comment meant a lot to me.

    Love, Bob


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