The Language of Flowers

One of the things I love about spring and summer is the abundance of beautiful flowers! Today near the end of my walk I saw some really lovely ones, and I knew which poem I wanted to post today!

 The Language of Flowers
 Some days are a gift from heaven
 The view from the mountain side delighted my senses
 The sun, the clouds and the wind
 Refreshed my soul.
 It was the waves on the grass
 That captured my imagination
 Their graceful movement was an opening.
 Then I saw my first flowers
 Drops of yellow in a field of green
 And I knew in my heart
 My loved one speaks to me
 In the language of flowers. 

1 thought on “The Language of Flowers”

  1. I am touched by the Language of Flowers. It reminds me when I sit with my back against a very old tree in the woods. Viewing the plants and just letting the senses take over. To feel a breeze on my face, the smells, the sounds and the warmth on my face.


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