The Other Realm

Today is the ninth anniversary of Marianne’s death. This past week I have begun a blog telling the story of our journey together through poems. I had a “prepared” poem to post today that has a special significance but yet somehow it did not quite seem to fit. Then a friend sent me a message affirming another poem, and I knew to share it — and the original one too, and a third one as well! Here is the key that unlocked the trio of anniversary poems. The first line makes reference to an image in a very early poem of mine, The Flower and the Star.

 The Other Realm
 My loved one is a flower too
 In another realm I cannot see
 But my heart tells me it is there
 I have the same hopes for her
 That she has for me
 I pray the same prayers
 I yearn for the same opening
 For the eternal connection of our hearts
 For the full flowering of our love. 

Charlotte, North Carolina
July 23, 2015

1 thought on “The Other Realm”

  1. This is a beautiful poem Robert, a very moving declaration of love and hope for its full fruition. Many of us “yearn for the same opening” with people we love. “The eternal connection of our hearts” is ultimately what we long for. It does not seem enough anymore to settle only for “earthly” connections with people we share the love with. We often like to refer to “eternal love” when we pledge our faithfulness and romantic devotion to a person we love. But what really is “eternal love” without including the other realm…


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