The Soul’s Perfection

Yesterday I did the walk Marianne and I took together so many times, and I will do it again today, the ninth anniversary of her death. I saw a beautiful magnolia blossom that brought back the memory of another magnolia and a bird and a poem, all reminders of an internal connection and a longing for divinity.

 The Soul's Perfection
 The heron stood silent, wading in the still stream
 Motionless, standing there for a long time
 Then with strong wing strokes
 The large bird took flight
 I followed him until he disappeared
 Not settling in a tree but flying beyond.
 The magnolia blossom was in full bloom
 A huge flower in perfect symmetry
 The yellow center cone surrounded
 By three large white petals
 In turn surrounded by six more
 Arranged in perfect geometrical precision.
 Bird and flower
 Two images for me
 Of a possibility
 Which can become my goal –
 The soul’s perfection.

Charlotte, North Carolina
June 3, 2015

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  1. Today as I was again taking the special walk Marianne and I did together, I saw magnolias, and I felt a call to swap in a picture I took yesterday. It is a more perfect magnolia, more like the one I saw when I wrote the poem. Enjoy!


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