This is an autumn poem, but it is also about beginnings, and so feels appropriate at this time of beginning for my blog. And it is about my mother, who died in the month of May, not long before Mother’s Day. I felt the energy of the end of the poem this morning as I was reflecting on the needs of my friends and the world and my own feeling of incapacity to really help despite the abundance of gifts that have been bestowed upon me.

 It is a morning of new beginnings
 One of those quiet turnings
 That have changed my heart and life.
 It is very cold and clear
 The red orange sun is seen on the horizon
 A solitary bird circles in the sky.
 I am thinking of my mother
 Of her turn upon the earth
 Of her love and her devotion
 And of the wall that came between us.
 I was born in autumn
 In a city by the sea
 There is a lightness to the stories
 Of my first days upon the earth
 I was a laughing child
 And sunshine was in the air.
 Then came a change of season
 Suffering and sorrow came upon the land
 Many homes and hearts were broken
 Many words of love left unspoken
 In the hurry of that time.
 Maybe that is why my heart
 That is so full of love and life
 Yet forever seems tinged with sadness
 And I am never really free. 

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