We Are Not Alone

One day while feeding birds at the Raptor Center I was pondering why I was here and Marianne was not, and about the sorrow in the world. I thought of how small deeds can really help, how we are connected and are not alone. I sensed there was a poem to be written. After my shift I went for a walk in the adjoining Latta Nature Preserve, and this poem came.

 We Are Not Alone
 It was the trees that captured my attention
 Our planet’s oldest living things
 An intelligence not of the mind
 The tall pine trees sway in the gentle wind
 Which refreshes my body
 And cools my fevered head
 As my mind ponders the koan of my life.
 Why am I here when my loved one is gone?
 Why must my mind find the answer?
 Why cannot I be like the patient trees?
 And why is there such sorrow in the world?
 The world is out of balance
 We have made it so
 Time grows short
 We must change, but how?
 We are not alone
 There is a wisdom of a higher kind
 We are not in this by ourselves.
 And what is my role?
 Sometimes I have glimpsed the simplicity of happiness
 Can I share it?
 Can I lighten the hearts of others?
 And let them know
 That every deed of kindness is special
 Every act of love is a blessing
 And that in truth
 We are not alone. 

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