Newborn in the Light

When I started this blog I was feeling quite strong and responded to an inner prompting to begin to share Marianne’s and my journey through the poetry that has come to me over the years. Then, for whatever reason, the last few days this strong feeling crumbled. Today I am unwinding after a busy week, and then I started to cry, remembering the first stanza of this poem (“We are desperately in love/As we cling together/Sharing comfort in the night”).

The blog is part of an overarching desire for community, and I thought of a reading in the book Bread for the Journey by Henri Nouwen. He talked about community coming not from sharing our strengths in a kind of talent show but rather through the sharing of our vulnerabilities. I did not find the reading I was thinking of, but the book opened to “Solidarity in Weakness”.

And then I realized I want to share this poem, written in 1985 at an early point in our spiritual journey together.

 Newborn in the Light
 We are desperately in love
 As we cling together
 Sharing comfort in the night.
 Our world seemingly is run
 By the will of the strong
 While the good seek the truth
 But all too often are frightened or confused
 And, not knowing their confusion,
 Cannot help the soul
 That is newborn in the Light.
 O God hear my prayer
 Help the new ones
 Find their way
 May we not envy the strong
 Nor become wise in our own conceit
 Let your gentle truth
 Be sufficient to light our path
 And let our love for one another
 Be our beacon in this dark night. 

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  1. This is beautiful. There seems to be something missing at the end of the first paragraph. You point to the first line of a poem, but go into the blog. I appreciate the deep level you are willing to share your feelings through your poetry.


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