This morning I felt a call to do my familiar walk that I took with Marianne almost every day. Growing up in California and spending many years in the northeast where there are no mimosa trees, finding them here in North Carolina was a nice discovery. I remembered a poem I had written under the shade of this same tree and searched for it. I was surprised to find mimosa mentioned in six of my poems! This is the first one.

 It was the same walk as always
 All the familiar sights and sounds
 The oak trees and the maples
 The tall pines and the simple grass
 Flower beds tended with care
 Magnolias and flowering mimosa
 A speedy little chipmunk and ubiquitous squirrels
 The dull drone of traffic in the distance
 The ever present song of birds
 The little bug on the pavement
 I was surrounded by life.
 But this morning it was special
 I became aware of a subtle shift
 There was a different quality, not of time
 I think the gateway was some remembered lines of verse
 The moving finger writes and having writ moves on
 And neither piety nor wit
 Can call it back or cancel half a line of it
 It was a gift from an uncle long ago
 A cherished volume still on my shelf
 Why did I remember it this morning?
 I had been dogged by regret
 Sadness followed me on my path
 I knew past could not be changed
 Then I sensed a different quality
 I have known it before
 Time was no longer present
 No expectations, regrets, yearnings
 Just the lovely morning in summer
 And I was quietly happy
 In this moment in my timeless world.

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