A Prayer for Unity

This morning an expected meeting was unavoidably cancelled and I had a chance to reflect on what is of really deep concern in my life now. Given the tragic situation in the world in many dimensions I felt drawn to share this poem that came to me last year.

 A Prayer for Unity
 Oh my friend, what will bring us together?
 We share the one life, the one birth
 Yet everywhere we are divided.
 Is it the bird on the wing
 Or the green grass at our feet
 Or the ground we walk upon
 Or the silver plane in the sky
 Or the gentle breeze that soothes us?
 May the beauty of the earth
 A hope for harmony to come
 The love of our families
 Tender memories of our dear departed
 Our common humanity bring us together.
 Let it come
 This blessing of blessings
 That we may join together
 In a hymn of thanksgiving
 And live our lives not with a heavy heart
 But in expectation of a transformation to come.
 Let it begin with me. 

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