Do It for Me

This is a challenging time in the world for everyone. I had planned a little vacation in August in Blowing Rock, a favorite place for Marianne and me. But I canceled my plans at the last minute on account of the resurgence of the coronavirus. I sense that Marianne really wants me to be happy, and I remembered this poem from July, 2014 when I was looking ahead towards an upcoming trip to Blowing Rock. It is a personal poem, with a reference to a movie Marianne and I both liked, Red Planet. Watch the movie and you will understand!

Do It for Me

I am alone in the small forest
The sound of the crickets soothes me
The stream is bubbling and running a little faster from the recent rain
Some tiny creature moves a plant at my feet
And a gentle breeze cools me as I pause in this sunny spot
I thought about our coming time together in a favorite place
And knew I wanted it to be a happy time
I have felt your enduring presence beside me
And now as I choose the path of happiness
I hear your loving voice
“Do it for me, Bob
Do it for me.”

4 thoughts on “Do It for Me”

  1. Memories of departed beloved cause pain and sorrow, but they can also alleviate and uplift our wounded soul. I sense the soothing presence of Marianne in many of your poems, Robert, as much as I do in this one. Many times we attribute the strength we find in ourselves to our own ability to endure, but there is clear evidence of strength you derive from the love you share with Marianne. She still gives your courage to go on through a gentle whisper “Do it for me, Bob. Do it for me.”
    When we do find a spiritual strength to continue on living despite the pain of staying alive, it might be and maybe always is because of the invisible helping hand of people whose spirits are most connected to us. What marvelously mysterious this is, and we sometimes try so hard to demystify it.

    • Thank you so much for this beautiful comment, Aldona. It encourages me to share a meaningful quotation by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, which was sent to me by a relative after Marianne died. And also to share more of my personal poems. Besides the Bonhoeffer quotation today I am also posting the poem “My Arrow”, which I wrote in 2002. It is part of a sequence of three poems. I will post the third poem in the sequence soon.


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