The Poetry of the Forest

Triad Pemetic Forest
Acadia National Park
June 18, 2013

Acadia National Park, on Mount Desert Island in Maine, was our favorite place. We went there for vacations almost every year of our thirty years in Massachusetts, and we went back three times after moving to North Carolina. The first major mountain hike we took at Acadia was Triad – Pemetic. Marianne discovered this hike early by looking in a trail guide. The trailhead is off the Park Loop Road, and the trail leads up a path, rocky in places, and then on to the first of three peaks, at an elevation of 696 feet. From there the trail drops to a lovely evergreen forest.

My first trip back to Acadia after Marianne died was in June, 2013. It was in this forest, coming down from Triad, where I first began to connect again to the lovely spiritual feeling that we had felt together so many times at Acadia.

The Poetry of the Forest

I heard the chittering of the red squirrel 
Then I saw him scamper off and disappear 
And I knew this moment was special 
I could connect with the beauty surrounding me 
The lichen in the granite 
The little twigs and tiny pinecones 
The carpet of needles and moss on the forest floor 
The wind in the trees 
The pattern of sunlight and shadow 
The memory of the mountain vista 
The tall trees and the sea and the islands 
The opening of my soul 
A sense of peace and joy 
As I heard the poetry of the forest.

2 thoughts on “The Poetry of the Forest”

  1. Beautiful! I just a few moments before I read this decided my new piano piece to learn will be a collection by Schumann called Waldszenen (Forest Scenes). It is poetry in its own way. I will think of this post as I learn it.

    • What a lovely synchronicity! I hope you enjoyed Waldszenen. In another synchronicity, I found this post from last year while looking for my post about “Cotswold Forest”. I had sent a friend the photograph but not the link to my blog. So I was inspired to create a new category, “Photographs”, and move the photograph to a new post, leaving “The Poetry of the Forest” to have only the photo from Acadia! Also, reading your comment now has another dimension for me, as I have started to study German!


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