Christmas Eve

I would like to share two poems this Christmas Eve. The first one is from 1985. Marianne and I were living in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts then. This was a time of spiritual opening for both of us. We met many new friends. it was a happy time. Marianne had connected with a spiritual group that met in the Springfield area and later moved to the western part of the state. She continued going to the group, even though it was a long drive. They were having a special meeting on Christmas Eve, and Marianne attended. I was alone in the house but still was happy.

Christmas Eve

It was a very special Christmas
Of a very special year
The day was warm as was my heart
Filled to overflowing with the generosity and thoughtfulness of my friends
A cheery greeting, a gift of food
A lovely flowering plant
The companionship of a noontime walk
The makings of a simple supper left for me with love
A new stack of cards from friends old and new.

I felt again some old frustrations
But, strangely, they touched me not.
Is it the magic of the season?
Or is new consciousness dawning
And greater love awakening?

The journey is endless
And I am grateful for all my friends.

The second poem was written in 2012, the year Marianne died. Again I was alone on Christmas Eve, but this time it was different. I was very sad. But yet again there was the gift of friendship. There was a blessing.

Christmas Eve

It was a rainy day in a sad year
The grief was deeper even than I thought.
A surprise visit and gifts given with love
Then a return to the lights and music
That had renewed their luster
A heart overflowing with gratitude and tenderness
For all my loved ones and friends
For a world infused by Spirit if we are open
For the realization I have a choice.
I choose light and life!
Thank you, God.

The lights referred to Christmas lights from our Christmas tree. It has ornaments that Marianne made or collected over the years. I put the tree up every year, and it is a blessing. The tree skirt is a hooked rug that was one of Marianne’s craft projects. The creche scene was a project that Marianne’s mother completed and gave to Marianne. She was very touched by her mother’s gift, because her mother frequently started craft project but rarely finished them. This one she finished for her daughter.

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