Some moments are special
They call to me to make a little record
I have been perplexed of late
Caught between two paths
One is the path of effort and growth
It seems right yet has brought little joy
The other is a simple path, to relax
And I’ve felt a touch of happiness,
Which I know my beloved wants for me.

I sought words of wisdom, but none came
Then from the morning sun I saw
An intricate pattern of light and shadows
Many nuances and subtle movements.

I began my day
I walked in the park
I saw a couple jogging
The second time we met the lady said,
“You appeared by magic!”
I came to the pond and felt a call to go a different way
I found a bench in the shade
I can see ripples in the pond
And hear the rustle of the trees in the wind
I write these words and the joggers come by again
The lady smiles and says a single word:

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