The Deserted City

I am the ice princess
My feelings lie buried deep
Oh, I have the usual anger and hurt
An occasional touch of mirth to lighten the load.
But where is the wellspring of love
The compassion that reaches beyond self to others
And lights my lamp for my friends?

Snow lies deep
The streets are silent
An occasional plow passes by.
For a time all our activity is on hold
And I have time to ponder ...

I think of Buffalo the city
And its winter of snow and deserted streets
And of buffalo the animal
And the deserted plains
The starving Indians finding only remains 
Of the mighty herd that fed and clothed them for generations
Why did the White Man do such things?

And I think of a deserted village 
From an earlier time
Where wealth accumulates and men decay
Now the wealth itself is ebbing 
And the people are confused.

I think of the City and the Stars
Unchanged for a million years
As man has conquered the mystery of life itself
But lost the dream.

Scattered thoughts in the silent evening
As I realize my feelings are deep
Perhaps I need no prince to bring flame to my heart
But a quiet space between my thoughts.
And heart, mind, spirit are really one.

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