Our Special Day

Today was the tenth anniversary of Marianne’s death. I had no special plans, other than to do our regular walk that we did together and to pick up a cake ordered by a friend. I had no prior arrangements to speak with anyone or see anyone. I felt like it might be a quiet day alone, and that was fine.

Then the magic started and I had so many nice conversations with friends old and new. They just happened by meeting people on the walk. perfect timing, and receiving lovely phone calls and texts. Then I went to pick up the cake, and and by now it had started raining, and that was fine! The cake is lovely, and I knew the perfect poem for this special day of encounters with special people — light beings. The poem is untitled. it is the second one I ever wrote, and I used it as the dedication for my first collection of poetry, not me: Poems of Love and Friendship for the New Age. These came in the span of a single summer in 1984. Looking back this afternoon, I believe this magical day was made possible by letting go of a major project that I had been working on for two years, finding again the simplicity of happiness.

I hope you will all enjoy following our continuing journey together. We’ve only just begun.

I give you but your own
You have given so much to me
You have taught me once again
To love life ... and poetry!

Light ... sound ... love ... joy
Caring ... sharing ... believing
You have given me new hope!
You have quickened the breath of life.

Life that was always precious
... but, oh so serious!
Now may I laugh, sing, dance
You have given me a new chance!

I give you but your own
Light beings of my soul
(You know who you are!)
You have helped me to see
You have set me free!

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