Community of Life

What can I share with you?
What do I posses that is of value?
What have I learned as I lived?
I would give it all to you if I knew how.
The quiet moments in early morning
The walks along a lonely seashore
The enchantment of a starry evening
The fascination over a spider spinning its intricate web
The industry of a bee gathering pollen
These are some of the treasures of my life.

But I have known the sorrow and heartache in the world
Suffering from war and famine
Loneliness from having no friends
What can I do to help?
We are not in this by ourselves
Your pain is my pain
Your joy is my joy
Though we may know it not
Caught in our sadness or ambition
What will bring us together?

I think it is community I seek
Spiritual friendship, deep sharing
Knowing we are not alone on the journey
Our separate egos are but an illusion
There is a unity in all creation
We are one with a community of life.

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