My Voice

It is said that there is but one true thing we can do
That is to profess the truth.
I have one voice
I am a man in a rich society
I am a technologist
Sometimes I love my work
Sometimes it is almost too much for me
The striving to succeed, the setbacks, the worries
I feel responsibility, there is a burden
I am not happy.

My world feels so narrow
I but glimpse in passing the wider world
I have thoughts and debates
But it has lacked substance
My voice is not heard, even by myself.
Can my voice speak for order?
Can it proclaim the truth?
Can it point to simplicity and happiness?
Can I at least resolve my own problems?
Can I know myself?
Can my voice be heard at last?

2 thoughts on “My Voice”

  1. Dear Robert, your voice is heard by many of us. No single voice speaks for order as we as individuals have a hard time really listening to our inner voice and even when we do hear it, we still tend to ignore it and look for stronger voices in others.

    What I understand by simplicity nowadays is a genuine relation to one another, which could be practiced by simple expressions of likeness, love, gratitude, and gratefulness. I find this type of simplicity quite liberating and meaningful. It slowly happens when we stop guarding our own vulnerabilities, longing or pain.

    • Aldona, I was at Charlotte Friends meeting today (via Zoom), and afterwards Mary Jo shared a touching story of being at a grocery store and short of cash. An elderly lady who clearly had little money herself offered Mary Jo a dollar to help her out. That reminded me of a similar experience I had. What you say about “simple expressions of likeness, love, gratitude, and gratefulness” is so true. Thank you for your thoughts.


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