Song of the Universal

Come said the Muse
Sing me a song no poet yet has chanted,
Sing me the universal.

In this broad earth of ours,
Amid the measureless grossness and the slag,
Enclosed and safe within its central heart,
Nestles the seed perfection.

By every life a share or more or less,
None born but it is born, conceal’d or unconceal’d the seed is waiting.


Deific faiths and amplitudes, absorbing, comprehending all, 
All eligible to all. 

All, all for immortality, 
Love like the light silently wrapping all, 
Nature's amelioration blessing all, 
The blossoms, fruits of ages, orchards divine and certain, 
Forms, objects, growths, humanities, to spiritual images ripening. 

Give me O God to sing that thought,
Give me, give him or her I love this quenchless faith,
In Thy ensemble, whatever else withheld withhold not from us,
Belief in plan of Thee enclosed in Time and Space,
Health, peace, salvation universal.

Is it a dream?
Nay but the lack of it the dream,
And failing it life’s lore and wealth a dream,
And all the world a dream.

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

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