I have been thinking of community a great deal lately, about the vital need for mutual support and understanding during these troubled times. I wrote a poem for Marianne a number of years ago expressing my yearning for a Community of Life.

Spiritual friendship, deep sharing
Knowing we are not alone on the journey
Our separate egos are but an illusion

I am also an individual, having my own beliefs and perspectives. For many years i resonated to a song from a group I learned of through Marianne, Fleetwood Mac. However, it was just the main refrain “Go your own way” that I heard, passing by “you can call it another lonely day”. Now, facing considerable feelings of loneliness, I hear the whole song.

I do not want to keep on calling it another lonely day. I seek a group — a “house” — that both has a vision and is truly welcoming.


Our house is open to all
We have many rooms
We yearn to share our vision
Of many paths leading to God
Of all rivers coming at last
To the Great Sea.

But our house is open to you
Even if you do not share that vision
Perhaps there is a truth that guides you
That you feel is the only truth
But you love us as people
And hope we will find our way
You are welcome in our house.

Or perhaps you do not believe in God
Or you have questions and doubts
You are working for the good of human beings
You are welcome in our house.

Or maybe the “good of all”
Is to you an empty phrase
The pathetic utterance of the weak
For you, life belongs to the strong
I do not think you want a room in our house
But if a time comes
When you feel lonely or afraid
You are welcome in our house.

Our blessings go to you all
Be welcome in our house.

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