A Time for Love

This poem is quite special to me. I wrote it in Massachusetts in the 1980s. When Marianne died suddenly in 2012 and we were putting together her memorial service, it seemed that everything came together very naturally. A friend contributed a passage from the Kabbalah about love, and then immediately I knew to include this poem.

A time for love
A time to heal
A time to share
Just what we feel.

The world is full
Of cries of hate
A raging beast
Is at the gate.

We are afraid
There is so much pain
Who can lead
Or explain?

What do we feel?
What can we know?
Tell us please
Why it is so.

It’s not our mind
It is our heart
That leads us to
That central part.

The heart of love
The heart of life
The end of hate
And of strife.

So many people
Are on the path
We see each other
We share a smile
We sing a song
And wait a while.

The world is young
Our hearts are new
It’s a time for love
And a time to heal
A time to share
Just how we feel.

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