Autumn is a time of changes. It was in autumn of 1983 that I wrote my very first poem! The inspiration was the departure of the associate minister of the UU church in Framingham, Massachusetts that Marianne and I were attending at that time. We liked her very much and would miss her. At the church there was a music group that sang some very nice songs. One that I loved was called “Credo”, and I was moved to write a stanza for the chorus of the song, which was written by a lady from Ohio, Shelly Denham. Years later, through the internet, I was able to connect with the choir director of the church where Shelly wrote the song, and he kindly sent me a PDF file of the music.

Here is the poem:


(A stanza for “Credo” by Shelley Denham)

A dearest friend moves on. The separation makes us sad
We remember all the good times, all the feelings we’ve shared
We promise to remember, to always stay in touch
We love you always, we love you very much.

And we believe in life and in the strength of love
And we have found a place to be together
We have learned that friendship is a miracle
And friends moved on extend a wider circle.

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