The Sun and the Shadow

“The sun and the shadow complete the work.”
The alchemist’s words reverberate in my mind
For I have known the Sun
And I have been acquainted with the Shadow.

Even last night I saw the half moon
(Perfectly in balance I thought)
Consumed by a dark hand
While its silvery light played upon white clouds
That seemed to lie behind it.

I think of Ged’s Shadow
That fearsome specter he summoned
Out of his youthful arrogance of power
And that pursued him across all Earthsea
Until, gaining wisdom at last, Ged turned upon it
And called it by its True Name
Which lo! Was his own.
And Ged merged with his Shadow
And became once more complete.

The word fills my soul with peace
My soul, which has been so troubled of late
With fitful ruminations of love and hate.

Now on October’s last day
Of this special year
I can acknowledge the end
Of this chapter of my life’s story.

I know my journey has but begun
And my boat is very small
Like the tiny skiff of Sparrowhawk
As I set sail in the dark.

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