Laying the Burden Down

I have been deep in thought about ethical life choices and what path to choose now. It has all seemed so complicated, like a labyrinth. Then I remembered another time in my life when I felt confused and received the blessing of a hint of inner peace. It inspired a poem that I wrote for Marianne. I am posting it today as an aspiration.

Laying the Burden Down

It is a new turning, I believe
A gentle hint of peace
A stillness that’s been so rare.

All my life there’s been this demon
Restless striving, grand ambition
Sometimes muted, sometimes strong
Varied were its shapes
Many a disguise it wore
Lofty aims, noble dreams.

I talked to my loved one of new plans
Gently she urged me to think again
Not to expand but to let things be.

I listen to my loved one
And to my own inner soul
What I feel is peace and happiness
As I lay the burden down.

— September 2, 2008

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