Light a Candle

On the eve of the Orthodox celebration of Christmas on January 7th Russian President Vladimir V. Putin called for a 36-hour Christmas Truce beginning at noon on January 6th and ending at midnight on January 7th.  Putin ordered his Defense Ministry to implement the cease-fire hours after Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill I called for a truce to allow Orthodox Christians on both sides of the front line in Ukraine to attend Christmas services. 

Fellowship of Reconciliation, Christmas Truce in Ukraine
Light a Candle

Light a candle for peace
Join the silent vigil
With friends, neighbors, strangers
All who cherish the hope
That even at this late hour
The fighting can be averted
And a new round of hatred
May not begin in our troubled world.

Light a candle in your home
Join with your loved ones
In their hopes for peace
Let there be a moment of stillness
When the hurly-burly is set aside
And you are one with each other
And with your brothers and sisters
All across the world.

Light a candle in your heart
Listen to your inner voice
Let go of some of your own ambition
And perhaps you will find a blessing
The fragile blossoms you thought were lost forever
Are blooming again inside your heart
And whenever darkness comes
You have hope for the returning light.

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