Moment on a Sunday Afternoon

I wrote this poem in December of 1993 when I was in Salt Lake City for a teaching assignment, which would begin the following day. I believe this was the first trip I took after starting my Object Innovations business. This morning I was reflecting on the support Marianne gave me for this bold move of going out on my own.

The trees are dormant now
They are in neat rows in a street in the city
The ground is covered by light snow
And snow flurries are in the air
Scattered traffic goes by on this quiet Sunday afternoon
I have no pressing engagement
And I ponder anew on the meaning and mystery of life.

I visited the grounds of the great temple
I was greeted with courtesy and friendship
I was impressed by the dedication and sincerity of the guides
They have been touched by a spirit
The flame that fired their pioneers still burns
And I was glad to see it.

They spoke of families
And that resonated in my heart 
At a time when I am alone
Separated by business from those I love.

I have been much occupied by business of late
As I play at "catch up" and try to recover
Years that seem lost for want of focus
Life does not seem easy
For me or others.

Life was not easy for those pioneers
They had a vision and a purpose
That sustained them through many trials
I too have had a vision, but so often its clarity is lost
Amidst my own confusions and wanderings.

Sometimes there is a moment of quiet
Although I am alone, I do not feel isolated
I feel close to those I love
The wife of my heart and the father who nurtured me
The mother who has passed on
The friends who have touched me
The strangers whose heartaches I have glimpsed
The sorrow and the beauty and the mystery of life fill me
Thank you, God, for this moment.

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