The Aspects of Love

Love has many aspects...
“Do not worry about all your tasks
Take the walk in a favorite place
Wear gloves that you may have
Warm hands besides a warm heart.”
And warmth has come to my heart
As I pause on this cool day in late autumn
Many trees are bare now
As my soul has felt of late
Lonely for the loving touch of my beloved
I found a little pine cone
(I did not know they came so small!)
Perhaps my baby faith can grow
As I ponder the many aspects of love.

On my return walk I am in a bubble of happiness
The little pine cone is tenderly held in my gloved hand
And I see lovely sights I missed before
Yellow flowers blooming by the stream bed
Brown and yellow leaves floating on the still water
A play of light from the warming sun
And I think of the comfort I have received this day
I remember a shepherd boy long ago
Who was led by the still waters
And received restoration for his soul.
Indeed, love has many aspects!

Today is a drizzly winter day in Charlotte, but I was drawn to put on my raincoat and take my traditional walk! During it I was thinking of the song “Love Changes Everything”, and I played it when I returned. I discovered that it comes from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical “Aspects of Love”. Enjoy the song!

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