Summer Song (March)

Today it is in the 80s in Charlotte! I felt a call to post this poem again. It is one of the first poems I posted after starting this blog in May 2021. It is a poem of beginning. Enjoy!

Summer Song

It was early summer when it all began
The circle of life, the infinite span
So many memories, so many songs
Many are the echoes lingering long.

This unending journey, when did it start?
What is the purpose, what is my part?
Why are the feelings so passionate and strong?
Where is the tranquility, did I do wrong?

A peaceful mist envelops plants so newly green
The rains have ended, the world is clean
Nestled once more in the willow tree
I feel the quiet deva who set me free.

It was three years ago that I found the song
Opened my heart and forgot the wrong
The heartache and pain of life’s blind chance
I started to sing and began to dance.

So many turns from all the years
So many joys, so many tears
Not one life only but the gentle touch
Of the lives of others who have suffered much.

As I embrace my loved ones and my friends
I feel a sensitivity to all that never ends
A yearning for the nurture of living things
An openness to life and all it brings.

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