The Paths Not Taken

Lately I have been thinking about limits and remembered this poem. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to share it on my blog. It has a sad quality to it, and with so much darkness in the world today, I desire to offer light. But also, as a wise person recently advised me, It would be helpful to be vulnerable. What decided me to post it today, after a somewhat stressful week, was a short message on the inner from Marianne.

There is a deep lesson for you in all this—the need to understand limits. Not in a sad way but as peaceful acceptance.

Marianne Oberg

So I would like to share this poem from 1997 about the paths not taken.

For every gain there is a loss
For every path taken there is a path I did not choose
For every accomplishment there is a cherished hope unfulfilled

I think that for a long time I did not grasp this essential limitation
I was sure that somehow all could be done
In my youth time seemed endless
In my middle years I was sure there was yet time enough.

But now the plain truth is coming home
And I think I may understand my chronic sadness
As I look out on the vast world
Limitless in opportunity
Yet not limitless to me.

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