A Song of Earth and Sky

Marianne and I often walked in parks in Charlotte, specifically McAlpine Creek and Reedy Creek, and after she died I continued the tradition. But I allowed myself to become so busy, and for quiet some time never got to a park on the weekend. On Easter Sunday this year I returned to McAlpine Creek, and today–the first day of a little “staycation”–I went back again, and I am glad I did!

A Song of Earth and Sky

The sky, clouds and the silky moon
I hear a song inside my heart
The bright berries in the tree
The rustle of wind
The disappearing snow
The birdsong and muted sound of traffic
Peepers, even, so early in the year.

The moment is special
For I feel you with me, my love
We share the beauty of earth and sky
My heart is blessed.

McAlpine Creek Park
February 17, 2013

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