Thoughts on Waving Goodbye

This poem was written in 1994, at a time when I traveled on teaching assignments. I had started my company, Object Innovations, the year before. Now, almost thirty years later, some of the same feelings are coming up as I think about possible next steps with my company. The poem also touches on the theme of gratitude, something I hope I can cultivate more in the days to come.

Thoughts on Waving Goodbye

Sometimes it is feelings that guide my life
My heart knows a way that my mind and will do not...
Feelings run deep but words come slow
My heart touches what I cannot show
A gratitude inside, will it grow?

I waved goodbye to my wife
Tears well up, I go on with life
Returning to a world of strife
So much there was I sought to gain
Was it worth what it cost in pain?
All the hurts I caused, could I explain?

So I hastened out to do my thing
Sure in this way I would find my wings
(Yes, there was also doubt and fear
I was always high or low, it does appear.)

But growth and pain my path has brought
In some ways I don't feel so caught
I am learning things I might have known
If I had read the lessons life had shown.

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