A Walk at Night

This year marks the thirtieth year for my company, Object Innovations, which I founded in 1993 with a great deal of support and encouragement from Marianne. I have been thinking of my early days in my own business when I did quite a bit of traveling to teach courses at different locations. In 1994 I was teaching a course in Tampa, Florida, and after class one day I went to see an early showing of the movie The Shadow. I had already seen and been struck by it, and I embraced the opportunity to see it again. Afterwards I went for a walk in the early evening, and then wrote this poem:

A Walk at Night

The tall palm trees are lovely
They line the street where I walk
They mark the limits of my travels tonight
They keep me straight and they shelter me
As I have glimpsed the face of evil.

There is strong energy in the air
The electrical storm is distant
I see forks of lightning arcing across the skies
But I hear no thunder
The force is far away
Yet I know fear.

Water glistens on the smaller trees
I hear the water in the fountains
I smell the freshly cut grass
I see the lights of the planes ascending
There is a sense of magic in the air.

I will leave on one of those planes
I will return to those I love
And I will be glad.
But part of me will remain with the palm trees
The glistening leaves and the fountains
The forks of lightning and the awe and fear
The wonder and mystery of life.

Earlier this year I was remembering that time in Tampa, and I wrote these lines:

That memory crosses the years and comforts me
As I feel a separation far wider now than then
From the one I so deeply love.
As I sit in my quiet house
I feel not pain but a surprising balm
As I know in my heart that now as then
I will be coming home.

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