The End of Sorrow

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I have had an intellectual understanding to this for a long time. When I read the quotation this morning I thought of these lines I wrote in 1984

But as for sorrow, you will find 
It is the creation of the mind!

Actually living this truth is a different matter!

The End of Sorrow

What thoughts or images may I borrow
To make plain to all the end of sorrow?
It is a discovery I have made of late
That puts an end to conflict and to hate.

First, I think I should explain
What I mean by “sorrow” and by “pain”
Pain is real, it is “what is”
But as for sorrow, you will find
It is the creation of the mind!

Sadness too is real
It is what we feel
As we shed tears
For aches of years and years
A tear is a healing thing
Like the gentle rain of spring.

But what brings sorrow to the land?
Please let’s try to understand
I have a want – it’s out there
Now I’m caught – do take care!
What I have is where I start
Everything else keeps me apart!

It’s been said that to put out the fire
All it takes is to kill desire
But let us pause and really think
Before that cup we quickly drink
Killing desire is itself a boon
That we want all too soon.

Thus, in my left hand I hold what is
And in my right what I want to be
And – we all know the game –
Lo and behold, they’re not the same!
So, the inner conflicts never cease
Never do we gain release.
Let us pause, right now, today
To see if there is another way
In my left hand I hold what is
I say to myself, “that’s what is”.

Am I liar or a cheat?
Maybe my problem is conceit
Whatever is, is so
And that is all I know.

So now all I do is observe
And thus my energy conserve
Now the alchemy begins
The love inside always wins!

This is a poem that never ends
It is for my loved ones and my friends
The end of sorrow and of strife
Is the beginning of love and life.

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