Last Day of the Year

There is a small pond near my house. I go by it on my daily walk, and sometimes I see a heron. I had not seem him in a while, and I saw him twice this week! Seeing my friend made me think of another heron I saw on a December day a number of years ago and this poem I wrote at the time.

Happy New Year!

Last Day of the Year

The time was special
I did not want for it to end
After a night of darkness
Came a little ray of light
It encouraged my soul
I started my day with hope
I knew I wanted something different
I was drawn to the park, special to my beloved and me
It was a time of quiet
My mind occasionally drifted off
But it did not wander far
I saw a heron wading serenely in a small pond
I was close and he did not mind my presence
A circuit of the lake, and he was still there
And I knew my soul needed more of this quiet time
I found a bench by the lake.

The sun sparkles on the water
Some geese swim near me
They halt their progress around the lake
They keep me company for a while
And the geese and the water and the sky
And my beloved and I are all one
What a blessing!

December 31, 2014

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