The Quality of Love

In December of 2008 Marianne and I started to attend a spiritual group. Looking back I see the whole experience as a perilous and pain-filled trial, but something very meaningful to us emerged in the early days. We took an introductory class where we learned a practice called a “Blessing”. The person to be blessed would be in the center of a circle and would describe their issue for which they wanted a blessing. Then the others would place their hands on the person to be blessed and be open to visualizations, which would be shared afterwards. The very first time this was done, I asked for a blessing concerning what path to follow in my life. Marianne shared the thought that rather than look for what to do, I should look for what quality I was seeking. This immediately resonated with me, and I felt tremendous love and understanding and insight from Marianne. I knew what I wanted to seek was the quality of love, and afterwards wrote this poem:

The Quality of Love

A path lies before me
I see it with greater clarity every day
A gathering of cherished hopes and dreams
It can be a reality
My confidence increases.

And yet a small voice asks why.
Why do I seek this thing?
What quality will it truly bring?
Is it the path of my heart and soul?
Because I can make it so
Must I do it?
Or am I free?

Free to choose a different way
Free to find a higher truth
Free to open my heart
Free to become who I truly am
And know at last the quality of love.

January 2009

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