Forest of Waters

Today I went for one of my regular walks in the neighborhood. This particular walk is actually the first one that Marianne and I took together after we moved to Charlotte. It winds up at a school, adjacent to a small stand of trees that I have come to call “Cotswold Forest”.

Over the years I have written a number of poems that mention “forest”, and when I got back from my walk I felt a call to post one of them!

Forest of Waters

A beautiful scene has opened in my mind’s eye
A crystalline reservoir of water
Is beside a young forest
It is not dark and scary
But light and airy and welcoming
I enter in, and my spirit is refreshed
I meet my loved one and we embrace
O what a joyful reunion!
We remember our lifetimes together
As we exchange our vows for the eternities yet to come.

The image “forest of waters” comes from the book Nosso Lar (“Our Home” in Portuguese) by the spirit author Andre Luiz, psychographed by the Brazilian medium Francisco Candido Xavier. A beautiful movie was created from the book, released in the United States under the name “Astral City”.

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