The Robin in Winter

The last several days have been cold here in Charlotte. I bundled up in my warm winter coat and went for my walk, remembering another cold winter day and this poem I wrote afterwards.

The Robin in Winter

I drew a rune
It was the Ice rune
“The winter of the spiritual life is upon you.”
I knew it was true, it is what I have felt
Today was cold yet my heart felt warmer
A gift from I know not where
The sun was shining
I knew I wanted to walk
So I bundled up, “Nanook coat” and all.
I yearned to express some gratitude
But could not find the words
I have expressed my sorrow
And I have given voice to my joy
When I have felt my beloved
Or sometimes even a wondrous feeling
Of being one with all there is.
But the quiet times too are worthy of note
I saw the lake starting to freeze
The scattered clouds and the silky moon
The pine trees tall and serene
But it was a robin who spoke to me
Here he was, the coldest day of the year
He had not flown south
He braved the winter
And I knew so could I!
A sense of order descended
I knew all was well.
Thank you, robin!

January 7, 2014

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