When You Dance

This song opened a door for me.

One night in the rain
You danced alone
A night of making magic, begging to be known
I wonder, could you feel me there? (Feel me there)

It's like you knew some secret
A place you can feel
Just a whisper in the air
But it feels so real

And when you dance
I fall in love all over again
When you dance
I see you still in every move
Like I love you
And there's a secret there (Secret there)

I see you yearning for reasons
That are burning inside
Can I make you believe (Make me believe)
It's a blessing in disguise
There's a truth inside that grabs my heart
And doesn't let go
And I wanna believe
What I see when I look at you

And you looked at me
We felt so free
. . .
To throw it away

And when we dance
I fall in love all over again
When we dance
I want you close and I believe again
When we dance
We come alive with every move
When we dance
Was when I knew how to make one out of two
How could I not love you?

'Cause there's a secret there (There's a secret there)
I can't lose that feeling
A secret there, a secret 

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