The New Year

Today is a clear sunny winter day in Charlotte, and as I finish the last of my tea after a leisurely morning, I feel a sense of peace. I thought back to a long time ago when i was blessed with a similar feeling. In the intervening years the hurry and urgency and striving has come back many times. I am grateful for the respite today and wonder whether in my older years peace may be with me more of the time.

View from my front yard

The New Year

As the old year’s end approaches fast
I think of what will pass and what will last
So much opening in the year that’s gone
So many friends and a newfound song.

But what stands out this bright December day
Is yet another opening of my soul
That sees life in a new and simple way
Without striving, even without a goal!

As I pause to think, it seems quite queer
What I’ve found this fateful year.
All my life I’ve been driven by a task
So what’s this “no goal,” well you ask?
“What is” and “what I want to be”
Caught between I was not free.

It was not so very long ago
That striving was all that I did know
All my life I heard this battle’s roar
As I cried out for more and more
It didn’t seem to matter what I sought
Seeking the sublime, misery I bought.

Now the battle’s over and I rest
A cool balm spreading in my breast.
Love is such a simple thing
Yet what healing it can bring!
Look! Look! My soul within me cries
See the world with newborn eyes!

December 1984

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