I felt a call to post this poem today. I wrote it on Wrightsville Beach on Easter Sunday in 2015.

A Prayer of Sand and Waves

I sit on the beach this Easter morning
I treasure the warm sand, the wind and the brilliant sun
The roar of the waves is a prayer
The Earth’s prayer to God
And I know in my heart
How precious is this human experience
On my soul’s long journey.

Actually, I had previous posted this poem, as I discovered by doing a search for “Easter”:


In my post for the poem “A Song of Earth and Sky” I do indeed mention “Easter”. But … not a word about “Easter” in the third post. It appears the AI bot doing the search may have done some photo recognition. Smart little bot!

Happy Easter!

4 thoughts on “Easter”

  1. Many blessings to you on this beautiful day. Thank you for your poetic thoughts. I am very grateful that you still keep in touch with me. I will write a longer letter soon. I have been feeling Marianne close to me lately and I know that she is always close to you.


    • Thank you, Louhanne, for your kind thoughts of Marianne and me. I am indeed so glad that we continue to be in touch.

      Love, Bob


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