Poetry and the Flower

It was not so long ago
That my life was bound
By the rigid rule of reason
And the iron law of chance and necessity.
Then came a new season in my life
I found the sound and began to dance.

Then I found I was not alone
Even in the place of work
I called my home.

Such flowering of the human spirit have I seen
It warms my heart
Photographs and music, friendship and sharing
Not only among ourselves
But with the people of the wider world.

Most of all right now
I remember a noonday program
Of stop-motion photography
Of clouds and flowers with lovely music
Shared by a colleague
I hope might one day become my friend.

I do believe that noonday hour
Sparked for me the blossoming
Of poetry and the flower.

Summer 1985
Prime Computer
Framingham, Massachusetts

I remembered this poem today after being reminded by a new friend of words I wrote many years ago. I feel a renewed clarity of my path ahead. Thank you!

Mathematics and the Human Condition
November 1990
Framingham State College
Framingham, Massachusetts

1 thought on “Poetry and the Flower”

  1. It is a very important poem Robert, so it was a good idea to bring it back to life. Also, the writing below the poem is complementary to the poem. To be “bound by the rigid rule of reason” is one thing, it seems to be less dangerous, even though, it does “narrow us down”. Being completely submerged in the race for more and “a relentless push to attain, to get somewhere” is much more prevalent if not omnipresent, and it closes us down from “life fullness”, life’s “deep significance”, and most importantly, it alienates us from others.


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