Where life’s winds guide me

Especially of late, my life has been so driven by plans and strategies for pursuing multiple projects. I yearn for a simpler life, and I am starting to take a little step in that direction — letting my weekend days be more spontaneous! A tiny example occurred today — I did an impromptu extension of my walk , and it felt great!

Then I remembered this poem, and I knew I wanted to post it again.

The Seagulls

It is early morning of a gray day
I see two seagulls circling gracefully
They expend so little effort in their flight!
Occasionally flapping their wings, they mostly soar
On gentle breezes in the air
Going where the wind takes them
Applying only small corrections
When the need arises.

I would my life to be so effortless
Going where life’s winds guide me.

October 1984

My route took me by my neighbor’s beautiful lilies — twice. I saw them both on the way out and then on the way back.

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  1. Spending some days a week being totally guided by a plan and then other days sailing with the breezes sounds like the best way to use our limited time!


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