A Pause in Late Autumn

You are pausing in your walk in late autumn That is a skillful thing for you to do It allows you to feel the open air To hear the sounds all around you To appreciate the little grotto And to connect to the tender place in your heart Where love and hope abide December 2, … Read more

Twin Pine Trees

Yesterday felt special. I took the walk Marianne and I did together so many times, and it felt great! I have slowed down, taking 80 minutes instead of 60, but seeing familiar sights brought poignant memories, and I felt happy. Although the season is different, I remembered this poem! Be open, my love I am … Read more

The Other Hiker

My iPhone gave me a gift today! It created a photo memory of trips to Blowing Rock, a place Marianne and I loved to visit. Since then I’ve made a number of trips there by myself and written some poems there. “The Other Hiker” is one of them. Enjoy the video and poem. Happy holidays! … Read more

New Night

A children’s book I love is The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. I loved in particular Chapter XIII “Perilin, the Night Forest”, The images stayed in my mind, and I wrote this poem. Enjoy! New Night The Night Forest is lovely The luminous plants, the enchanted trees Cast a special spell over my soul. They … Read more

The End of Sorrow

Daily Gratitude: 365 Days of ReflectionNational Geographic I have had an intellectual understanding to this for a long time. When I read the quotation this morning I thought of these lines I wrote in 1984 But as for sorrow, you will find It is the creation of the mind! Actually living this truth is a … Read more

A Walk at Night

This year marks the thirtieth year for my company, Object Innovations, which I founded in 1993 with a great deal of support and encouragement from Marianne. I have been thinking of my early days in my own business when I did quite a bit of traveling to teach courses at different locations. In 1994 I … Read more

Touch of Autumn

Touch of Autumn Not the achievement but the journey Not the story but the song Not the certainty but the hope. The cool breeze, the blue sky The wispy clouds The touch of color Autumn! What joy to welcome you again.

The Tears of Autumn

To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state than to be hopelessly in love with spring. George Santayana The Tears of Autumn Let the feelings come Do not hold them back Allow the stillness of this moment To enter into your heart and soul The trees of autumn have beauty But their … Read more

First Bloom

Tuesday First Bloom My mind was mired in thoughts I did not like Wishing things were different Then I took my walk. Going a different way, I received a gift A gentle reminder of the beauty and goodness in the world Yet again my loved one whispered to me In the language of flowers. Wednesday … Read more


Where else could it begin? Where does a seed begin to grow? Where is it safe and protected? Hope begins in the dark. “Imago Dei: Hope“Martin DunnOil on canvas, 30 x 19 inches