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Creating this blog of poems created over a span of 38 years was given an impetus by a re-encounter with this poem. It is a special one for me. It felt like a message from my late wife Marianne. In this post I read the poem, and after the recording there is the poem’s text.

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A Prayer

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” –  Gospel of Thomas A PrayerTeach me to pray, LordTeach me to liveTeach me to bring forthAll that is within me … Read more

April Come She Will

Marianne and I broadened each other’s horizons in so many ways. One of Marianne’s gifts to me was a greater appreciation of popular music! Lately I have been thinking of this song from the album “Sounds of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel. Thanks to Miss Google it was easy to find the song. Happy April! … Read more


I felt a call to post this poem today. I wrote it on Wrightsville Beach on Easter Sunday in 2015. A Prayer of Sand and Waves I sit on the beach this Easter morning I treasure the warm sand, the wind and the brilliant sun The roar of the waves is a prayer The Earth’s … Read more

Good Friday

Today in a time of darkness in the world, with expectation of coming light, I remember this poem I wrote many years ago after a friend shared the meditations he delivered on Good Friday. In the Shadow of Sorrow In the shadow of sorrow My friend speaks from his heart The mystery of sacrifice and … Read more

Against the Fall of Night

It is only an embryo inside my heart But I have learned to listen To these whispers of Spirit And so I write. What I see is a gathering of gentle souls May we come together We can start with twos and threes And ever so gradually Begin to build community It brings us light … Read more

Bass Lake

Bass Lake The lake is calm tonight The swan glides by Having made another circuit of the lake There are geese and ducks The lake is surrounded by pine trees, firs and maples And large rhododendron bushes not yet in bloom And my heart too feels a sense of peace. I remembered Arnold and the … Read more

Our Journeys

This is the first poem I wrote after Marianne died. It makes reference to an earlier poem, The Quality of Love, which is also posted on this blog. In the post I share how that poem came to be, inspired by Marianne. As I reread “Our Journeys” now, over eleven years after I wrote it, … Read more

Winter Meditation

Winter Meditation It was another walk in winter In a park often visited by my loved one and me I had expectations I hoped clarity might come to my troubled soul But nearing the end of my walk With my expectations unfulfilled I was sad. Now I sit at a resting place Listening to the … Read more