Candace Pert

Candace Pert is a brilliant molecular biologist who was a key figure in the discovery of the endorphin molecule, the body’s natural form of morphine. She is now widely regarded as the mother of a new field of science known as psychoneuroimmunology (Smithsonian, June 1989). Her research into brain biochemistry at the National Institute of Mental Health contributed to a radically new understanding of mind and body. In the 17th century, the philosopher René Descartes split mind and body into two spheres, with the body belonging to science and the mind left to metaphysics. Now Pert and her peers are rejoining what Descartes put asunder, by looking deeply into the molecular level of life.

Review of ‘Molecules of Emotion, Smithsonian Magazine, September, 1998.

Dr. Pert was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the 5th U.S. Spiritist Medical Congress in September, 2014. Unfortunately, Dr. Pert died before the event. There were presentations by her husband, Dr. Michael Ruff and by her friend Nancy Marriott. Their talks were recorded and you can watch them on the Videos page of the U.S. Spiritist Medical Association’s website.