April Come She Will

Marianne and I broadened each other’s horizons in so many ways. One of Marianne’s gifts to me was a greater appreciation of popular music! Lately I have been thinking of this song from the album “Sounds of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel. Thanks to Miss Google it was easy to find the song. Happy April! … Read more

I can only imagine

Let that pain become your inspiration. Then you will have something people can believe in. From the movie “I Can Only Imagine” about the life of songwriter and signer Bart Millard I can only imagine What it will be like When I walk by Your side I can only imagine What my eyes would see … Read more

When You Dance

This song opened a door for me. One night in the rain You danced alone A night of making magic, begging to be known I wonder, could you feel me there? (Feel me there) It’s like you knew some secret A place you can feel Just a whisper in the air But it feels so … Read more

Let It Go

Yesterday, thinking of a young friend, I watched again the Disney animated film “Frozen”, which is based on the Hans Christian Andersen story, “The Snow Queen”. Although the movie was made for children, it resonated deeply with me on multiple levels, especially this song. I hope you enjoy it!

The Desires of Your Heart

The Desires of Your Heart What would you do if you had no worries? No external demands to satisfy No conflicting pulls on your time. Oh my dear one, how can I counsel you? What will release you from the restless striving What will bring you peace And guide your way home to me? Be … Read more

Heart Song

Today was a sunny day in Charlotte, and I took our regular walk to visit our special tree. On the way this short poem came. Heart Open your heart And you will find That many limits Are in your mind. On the way back I found myself quietly chanting Yogananda’s “Listen, listen, listen … ” … Read more

Seven Country Songs

“Frostiana” by Randall Thompson Musical setting of seven poems by Robert Frost. The first poem: THE ROAD NOT TAKEN Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both, And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could. To where it bent in the … Read more