Bass Lake

Bass Lake The lake is calm tonight The swan glides by Having made another circuit of the lake There are geese and ducks The lake is surrounded by pine trees, firs and maples And large rhododendron bushes not yet in bloom And my heart too feels a sense of peace. I remembered Arnold and the … Read more

Winter Meditation

Winter Meditation It was another walk in winter In a park often visited by my loved one and me I had expectations I hoped clarity might come to my troubled soul But nearing the end of my walk With my expectations unfulfilled I was sad. Now I sit at a resting place Listening to the … Read more

The New Year

Today is a clear sunny winter day in Charlotte, and as I finish the last of my tea after a leisurely morning, I feel a sense of peace. I thought back to a long time ago when i was blessed with a similar feeling. In the intervening years the hurry and urgency and striving has … Read more

Winter Afternoon

Winter Afternoon I think I learned something on my walk today I am not ready to go inside Listening to the birdsong I wonder if I can find the words To express the acceptance I begin to feel Of this next phase of my life’s journey. It is undiscovered country for me But one well-traveled … Read more

Forest of Waters

Today I went for one of my regular walks in the neighborhood. This particular walk is actually the first one that Marianne and I took together after we moved to Charlotte. It winds up at a school, adjacent to a small stand of trees that I have come to call “Cotswold Forest”. Over the years … Read more

First Bloom

Tuesday First Bloom My mind was mired in thoughts I did not like Wishing things were different Then I took my walk. Going a different way, I received a gift A gentle reminder of the beauty and goodness in the world Yet again my loved one whispered to me In the language of flowers. Wednesday … Read more