First Bloom

Tuesday First Bloom My mind was mired in thoughts I did not like Wishing things were different Then I took my walk. Going a different way, I received a gift A gentle reminder of the beauty and goodness in the world Yet again my loved one whispered to me In the language of flowers. Wednesday … Read more

Joyful Reunion

You are open my love You have glimpsed the wonder Of our souls’ journey How our plan was fulfilled Coming from different places And different backgrounds We came together as intended In the Scheme of Things How joyful that reunion And how joyful the reunion That is yet to come You are on the path, … Read more

The Shift

The Shift Sometimes from a hidden source comes a shift It is as if on a dark cloudy day the sun comes out At such a time it is good to make a little record It may be a picture or a remembered song or a poem It will be a treasure for you in … Read more

The Desires of Your Heart

The Desires of Your Heart What would you do if you had no worries? No external demands to satisfy No conflicting pulls on your time. Oh my dear one, how can I counsel you? What will release you from the restless striving What will bring you peace And guide your way home to me? Be … Read more

A Song of Earth and Sky

Marianne and I often walked in parks in Charlotte, specifically McAlpine Creek and Reedy Creek, and after she died I continued the tradition. But I allowed myself to become so busy, and for quiet some time never got to a park on the weekend. On Easter Sunday this year I returned to McAlpine Creek, and … Read more

Spring Blessings

Spring Blessings Listen to the gentle whisper of spirit It will not lead you astray Nor will the sadness in your heart It too is a whisper of spirit Reminding you of the one life And that sadness is part of our human journey You have done nothing wrong You have no pressing obligations Take … Read more

Cotswold Forest

“Cotswold Forest” is the name I give to a lovely group of trees 20 minutes from our home on Emory Lane in Charlotte. Marianne and I liked to take walks together, in parks and in our own neighborhood. When we moved to Charlotte the first walk we discovered was a simple one. Take a right … Read more